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British Colombia PNP

Canada’s response to California is the scenic and beautiful province of British Columbia. From the beautiful scenery, lakes, rivers, outdoor sports, ski resorts and vineyards, British Columbia is home to some of the most multicultural population in Canada.

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Ontario E-Stream

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada. As of 2021, Canada expects to have 410,000 permanent residents, 420,000 in 2022, and 430,000 in 2023. Most of these newcomers will call Ontario their home.Ontario is home to a wide range of industries, such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing automobiles, software development...

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Northwest Territory PNP

The Northwest Territories (NWT) occupies millions of acres of land resources, with a very limited number of residents. Mining and service industries are the two largest industries in the NWT and are also the main source of employment.

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Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia is home to global companies in the fields of naval defence, aerospace, vessel construction, sonar and sensing, cyber security, and training and simulation. With record numbers of applications approved for newcomers in 2020, the province is ensuring economic growth and population growth...

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Alberta PNP

Alberta is known as Canada’s energy province. It is estimated that Alberta's oil sands’ proven reserves equal about 165.4 billion barrels (bbl), which is the fourth-largest oil reserves in the world. Much of Alberta’s jobs are associated within the energy sector...

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New Brunswick E-Stream

In New Brunswick, the economy is primarily reliant on forestry, mining, and fishing. Tourism, agriculture, small-scale manufacturing, and a growing service sector also play an important role in the province's economy. New Brunswick is actively trying to increase their population and is heavily relying on immigration of skilled workers.

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