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In 2021, Canada had estimate an annual gross domestic product (GDP) of 2.027 trillion USD and is among the top ten largest economies in the world. A highly globalized economy, Canadian companies can effortlessly trade in the markets of the United States of America, United Kingdom, European Union and China. This is why investors and businessmen from all over the globe decide to start or buy business in Canada.

Purchase an existing business in Canada can also help the investors or business owners become eligible for the Entrepreneur Work Permit Program if you wish to relocate to Canada as a foreign investor or entrepreneur. This path can also lead to Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Canada.

Finding a potentially profitable business with room for growth for your immigration journey can be a difficult task. You must choose a business that is in line with your talents, prior experience, and financial objectives. Furthermore, the business you want to acquire must meet the Canadian immigration authorities' requirements.

Canadian immigration authorities also want to know how the purchase of a business in Canada can be a significant benefit to the Canadian economy. To satisfy the significant benefit element, one can buy a business that is in the main economic industries or sectors; that is already engaged in significant benefit activities, or invest in a business that will likely create job opportunities for Canadians.

Extensive local and industry-related research is also required to select the right business. Connections with the local community will greatly increase the likelihood that your future business plans will satisfy the requirements of the Canadian immigration authorities. Furthermore, a well researched business plan is also required to satisfy the local authorities that your business will be beneficial and successful in the Canadian market.

Nihang Law is here to help you through the process. You can contact us for a detailed discussion on the types of businesses that the immigration authorities may approve or disapprove. Our professionals such as lawyers and business consultants would be able to guide you through this journey. To learn more, get in touch with our team.

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