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The Agricultural industry in Canada contributes roughly 32 billion dollars to Canada’ annual GDP. With a focus on increasing agricultural output, Canada is welcoming more and more farmers from around the globe to help reach local and international demands for agricultural products. Three of Canada’s largest agricultural export partners are the United States of America, China and the European Union. Several agricultural immigration streams in different provinces are open for the experienced farm owners and farm operators who wish to move their business to Canada.

Agricultural industry is a great pathway to achieving permanent residency status in Canada. To qualify for most of the streams it is required that the applicant has modern technical knowledge and experience about farming and agriculture in general.

In most Canadian provinces, the procedure to obtain permanent residency status through the agricultural stream begins with an exploratory visit of the applicant to the province where they would be willing to own or operate a farm. Subsequently, the applicant must provide a thoroughly researched and realistic business plan for their approach to starting a farming business in Canada. There are investment and net worth requirements for most of the agricultural stream.

The applicant should be able to provide documentary evidence of their experience as an owner or operator of a farm, verified by an independent third party.

Once the application is in process, the applicant might be called for an interview. There might be an agreement between the applicant and the provincial authority on the applicant’s business performance commitment.

Canada, which is home to nearly 20 percent of the world’s freshwater resources, has abundant fertile land and farmer friendly policies to help start planting your farming business ideas!

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